1. This Old Hat

From the recording Scratching' In The Dirt


This old hat still keeps me dry, though the brim is bent and torn
Keeps the sun out of my eyes, keeps the rain out in a storm
I’ve worn it all my life, I’ll wear it to my grave
How much longer it can hold the rain only time will say
These old boots still fit my feet though the soles are thin and cracked
All the miles that they’ve walked over rocky roads and back
Would’ve been too far to go if they hadn’t fit so well
How much longer ‘til they’re worn clear through only time will tell
   And the life that we’ve grown accustomed to
   Like the clothes we wear not fancy or new
   Made from threads spun from me and you
   Into fabric that our hearts are woven through
         And all the years we’ve spent together in this life we chose
Fit like a hand in glove, like this old suit of clothes
         Threadbare, torn and tattered, too many holes to mend
         But we pull them from the closet and wear them once again
This old shirt still keeps me warm though the buttons are all lost
My elbows stick right through and the pocket’s been ripped off
And the collar’s long since gone, only threads remain
How it stays together anymore I really can’t explain