Jim Hanna

Born into a musical family, Jim was exposed to a variety of music genres from an early age.  Being the youngest in the family, Jim had the benefit of hearing music that his older siblings listened to along with Dad’s love of country music and Mom’s insistence on attending church every Sunday, all leading to a love of melody and harmony. 

Jim picked up guitar around the age of eight and continues expanding his knowledge of the instrument to this day.  Drawn to folk-rock in the 70s, his playing centered on  acoustic guitar.  He started performing casually after graduating from college and moving to Los Angeles, when he found an open mic near his home.  Meeting like-minded musicians led to forming bands and performing at local venues, which continues to this day. 

Jim writes his own material and has two CDs, “Patches” (2012) and “Scratchin’ in the Dirt” (2019), spanning from ballads to foot-stomping country to rock-and-roll. 

Jim continues to perform at coffee shops, wineries, breweries, and local festivals in both solo and band configurations where he performs with original material and cover songs.