From the recording Patches


The two of us set out down that dusty road
Neither had a doubt which way we should go
And we never once looked back and we gave it what we had
And we never had a second thought about the life we led
And it seems like a million miles passed beneath our feet
And somehow through all that time we never skipped a beat
I know one thing’s for certain, I know for sure, my friend
If I were starting over I’d do the same thing again
We headed through the doornearly on a run
It didn’t take us long to realize what we’d done
And we didn’t have the faintest clue where it all would end
We didn’t need direction, it was an open road back then
Now we’re growing older and settled in our ways
Our traveling days are over and no longer do we stray
We can sit and look back at the times we had back then
And wonder if we had the chance would we do it all again
         How I wish that I could do the same thing again