From the recording Scratching' In The Dirt


Danny made his home in eastern Kentucky
Growing up his family was dirt poor
They never had too much, but sometimes they got lucky
They always made it through, but rarely made it more
His daddy worked the fields and took odd jobs when they’d come
Worked hard all his life, but never once complained
He gave it what he had and took pride in what he’d done
Making sure to honor and uphold the family name
         And Mama always said “we’ve got more than we need”
         She’d scratch out in the dirt and could grow a crop from seed
         Her family never hungered even with the cupboards bare
         They’d gather round the table and say the evening prayer
         And always ended up with a little angel’s share
But, Danny up and left and headed for the big town
So much more to life than out here in these fields
He found himself a job and a place to lay his head down
He thought he had it figured out and then he met a girl
She was pretty as a picture and sweet as apple pie
They hung around together, walking side by side
But something still was missing, something not quite right
Here in this big city was no place to make a life
So they headed for the country, back to east Kentucky
Back to that old farm where daddy ’d worked the fields
They never had too much, but sometimes they got lucky
Grew their crops from seed - there was food at every meal.