From the recording Scratching' In The Dirt


I’ll tighten up your fan belt when I look under your hood
I’ll check your compression and make sure you’re running good
I’ll add treatment to your fuel tank and oil to your pump
I’ll make all the right adjustments, give your batteries a jump
I’ll rev up your engine when I’m sure the timing’s right
I’ll put you on the rack and make sure all your bolts are tight.
I’ll put a torque wrench to your lug nuts, clean your windshield and your wheels
I’ll vacuum up your carpets, how good it’s gonna feel
I’ll pump up your leaky tires and adjust your squeaky brakes
I’ll fill your windshield washers, put your stickers on your plates
I’ll go down the checklist in your factory maintenance plan
Baby, you can count on me ‘cause I’m your maintenance man
I’ll do all your maintenance, you won’t need nobody else
I’ll have all your parts in stock and stacked and labeled on the shelf
I’ll keep records of your visits, you won’t have to do a thing
If you’re ever feeling sluggish give my telephone a ring
I’ll tow you back to my place just as fast as I can
I’ll put you back in running order cause I’m your maintenance man.