1. Habit

From the recording Scratching' In The Dirt


It’s not hard it’s just a habit that you get yourself into
It takes a little bit of practice to make it work for you
It’s not gonna just happen you got to coax it along
Once you start that habit it will happen on its own
There’s a long, long list of things to do that haunts you every day
Try as you might to get things done it just won’t go away
The pile is never-ending, the work unforgiving
Comes a-calling every day and gets in the way of living
You know you’ll never be forgiven for playing the easy card
When life gets in the way of living, living gets real hard
Too many pieces on your plate and something’s bound to fall
You never get a damned thing done ‘cause you try to do them all
So, get on your best behavior and sit up nice and straight
Reach and pick one little thing out and get it off your plate
Finish ‘em off, one by one from the long list that you’ve written
Once you start a habit you can go on back to living