1. Forty Miles

From the recording Scratching' In The Dirt


Closed the door behind me, just before the dawn
Leaving this place, I’m moving on
I was on this highway with the rising of the sun
I know I might regret what I’ve just done
         I’m forty miles from nowhere 
         Thoughts race ‘round and ‘round in my mind
         I’m wondering if I can leave it all behind
         Loving you was easy
         Leaving harder than I realized
         Now I’m forty miles gone, goodbye
Sometimes we get lucky and the world falls into line
For a while we live in paradise
But, count on luck you’ll just be rolling loaded dice
Play the odds on love and pay the price
Hand in hand we travelled, living out a dream
But, I gambled and lost and gave up everything
Now I’m on this highway, there’s nobody by my side
Trying to find my way back to paradise