From the recording Scratching' In The Dirt


Everybody gets a little hungry everybody needs a bite to eat
A place to sit down at the table, a place to come in off the street
Work all day to make a living, get home before it’s too late
Spend all their hard-earned money put a little something on the plate
Everybody needs a little sugar, everybody needs a little spice
Everybody needs a little flame to keep them warm at night
Nobody ought to go hungry there’s enough to go around
Everybody needs a little sugar pass that sugar bowl around
Some people never get an invitation to attend a formal ball
No reservations taken, no entry to the dining hall               
When the dinner bell rings they’re left stranded, standing at the back of the line
It’s hard for anyone to get seated at the table when the door’s locked from inside
Everybody’d like to do something to get their life on track
Fill their belly, earn a little penny, save a little something for the sack
Living on bread and water won’t satisfy their soul
Everybody needs a little sugar, so pass that sugar bowl