From the recording Patches


Tie your duster to the saddle, pull the cinch up real tight
Set your boots in the stirrups, head out at first light
You ain’t comin’ back ‘til the cattle are in
Rope ‘em and brand ‘em, then do it again
         And it’s cornbread and coffee, bacon and beans
         You won’t see your darling except in your dreams
         Coals from the fire dance in the wind
         It’s cornbread and coffee and bacon again
Riding the fences day after day
Get them all mended to keep in the strays
Set camp at last light where the cool water flows
And think of your darling wherever she goes
Your wouldn’t trade it for diamonds and pearls
Or a night on the town with those sweet dance hall girls
The night air, it drives you to go it alone
‘Til you dance with your darling when you get back home.
Down on your bedroll pull your hat past your eyes
And dream of your darling on through the night