Scratching' In The Dirt

by Jim Hanna

Released 2018
Released 2018
This is the second album in my catalog.
  • 03:20 Lyrics Everybody Needs a Little (Sugar)

    Everybody gets a little hungry everybody needs a bite to eat

    A place to sit down at the table, a place to come in off the street

    Work all day to make a living, get home before it’s too late

    Spend all their hard-earned money put a little something on the plate


    Everybody needs a little sugar, everybody needs a little spice

    Everybody needs a little flame to keep them warm at night

    Nobody ought to go hungry there’s enough to go around

    Everybody needs a little sugar pass that sugar bowl around


    Some people never get an invitation to attend a formal ball

    No reservations taken, no entry to the dining hall               

    When the dinner bell rings they’re left stranded, standing at the back of the line

    It’s hard for anyone to get seated at the table when the door’s locked from inside


    Everybody’d like to do something to get their life on track

    Fill their belly, earn a little penny, save a little something for the sack

    Living on bread and water won’t satisfy their soul

    Everybody needs a little sugar, so pass that sugar bowl

  • 02:48 Lyrics Be My Heart's Delight

    (m)    What if I don’t go to work this morning?

    What if I don’t act the way I should?

    What if I don’t come home to you adoring?

    What if I don’t meet you when I could?


    (m)    But, if I do will you be there for me?

    If I do will you hold me tight?

    If I do will you be mine forever?

    If I do will you be my heart’s delight?


    (f)      If you don’t go to work this morning

    If you don’t act the way you should

    If you go out I’m giving you this warning

    I’ll be gone, when you get home


    (f)      But, if you do I will be there for you

    If you do I will you hold you tight

    If you do I’ll be yours forever

    If you do I will be your heart’s delight


    (m)    What if I don’t                        bring you little presents?

    (f)                   I think you should                             I like surprises

    (m)    What if I don’t                        take you on the town?

    (f)                   I’d like you to                                   I love downtown

    (m)    What if I don’t                        let you know my intent?

    (f)                   I think you have                               It’s plain and clear

    (m)    What if I don’t                        always stay around?

    (f)                  I think you will                       stay around


    (m)    But if I do

    (f)                        I will be there for you

    (f)      If I do

    (m)                      I will hold you tight

    (m)    If I do

    (f)                        I’ll be yours forever

    (unison)     If you do I will be your heart’s delight

  • 03:14 Lyrics Habit

    It’s not hard it’s just a habit that you get yourself into

    It takes a little bit of practice to make it work for you

    It’s not gonna just happen you got to coax it along

    Once you start that habit it will happen on its own


    There’s a long, long list of things to do that haunts you every day

    Try as you might to get things done it just won’t go away

    The pile is never-ending, the work unforgiving

    Comes a-calling every day and gets in the way of living


    You know you’ll never be forgiven for playing the easy card

    When life gets in the way of living, living gets real hard

    Too many pieces on your plate and something’s bound to fall

    You never get a damned thing done ‘cause you try to do them all


    So, get on your best behavior and sit up nice and straight

    Reach and pick one little thing out and get it off your plate

    Finish ‘em off, one by one from the long list that you’ve written

    Once you start a habit you can go on back to living

  • 04:27 Lyrics The Angel's Share

    Danny made his home in eastern Kentucky

    Growing up his family was dirt poor

    They never had too much, but sometimes they got lucky

    They always made it through, but rarely made it more


    His daddy worked the fields and took odd jobs when they’d come

    Worked hard all his life, but never once complained

    He gave it what he had and took pride in what he’d done

    Making sure to honor and uphold the family name


             And Mama always said “we’ve got more than we need”

             She’d scratch out in the dirt and could grow a crop from seed

             Her family never hungered even with the cupboards bare

             They’d gather round the table and say the evening prayer

             And always ended up with a little angel’s share


    But, Danny up and left and headed for the big town

    So much more to life than out here in these fields

    He found himself a job and a place to lay his head down

    He thought he had it figured out and then he met a girl


    She was pretty as a picture and sweet as apple pie

    They hung around together, walking side by side

    But something still was missing, something not quite right

    Here in this big city was no place to make a life


    So they headed for the country, back to east Kentucky

    Back to that old farm where daddy ’d worked the fields

    They never had too much, but sometimes they got lucky

    Grew their crops from seed - there was food at every meal.

  • 04:38 Lyrics Forty Miles

    Closed the door behind me, just before the dawn

    Leaving this place, I’m moving on

    I was on this highway with the rising of the sun

    I know I might regret what I’ve just done


             I’m forty miles from nowhere 

             Thoughts race ‘round and ‘round in my mind

             I’m wondering if I can leave it all behind

             Loving you was easy

             Leaving harder than I realized

             Now I’m forty miles gone, goodbye


    Sometimes we get lucky and the world falls into line

    For a while we live in paradise

    But, count on luck you’ll just be rolling loaded dice

    Play the odds on love and pay the price


    Hand in hand we travelled, living out a dream

    But, I gambled and lost and gave up everything

    Now I’m on this highway, there’s nobody by my side

    Trying to find my way back to paradise

  • 02:38 Lyrics Maintenance Man

    I’ll tighten up your fan belt when I look under your hood

    I’ll check your compression and make sure you’re running good

    I’ll add treatment to your fuel tank and oil to your pump

    I’ll make all the right adjustments, give your batteries a jump

    I’ll rev up your engine when I’m sure the timing’s right

    I’ll put you on the rack and make sure all your bolts are tight.


    I’ll put a torque wrench to your lug nuts, clean your windshield and your wheels

    I’ll vacuum up your carpets, how good it’s gonna feel

    I’ll pump up your leaky tires and adjust your squeaky brakes

    I’ll fill your windshield washers, put your stickers on your plates

    I’ll go down the checklist in your factory maintenance plan

    Baby, you can count on me ‘cause I’m your maintenance man


    I’ll do all your maintenance, you won’t need nobody else

    I’ll have all your parts in stock and stacked and labeled on the shelf

    I’ll keep records of your visits, you won’t have to do a thing

    If you’re ever feeling sluggish give my telephone a ring

    I’ll tow you back to my place just as fast as I can

    I’ll put you back in running order cause I’m your maintenance man.

  • 02:50 Lyrics Crazy 'Bout You

    I think that I could fall in love

    Underneath the stars above

    Lying close tonight

    I’m crazy ‘bout you


    I don’t want to waste your time

    Just give me a little sign

    And, I’ll be by your side

    I’m crazy ‘bout you


    Can’t you see that I’m crazy for you

    Don’t you know you rock my world

    Please believe I mean what I say

    I’m crazy ‘bout you, girl


    I’ll regret it all my life

    If I don’t take this chance tonight

    The time is right

    I’m crazy ‘bout you

  • 02:44 Lyrics In Your Arms

    In your arms I’m sheltered from the storm

    In your arms I’m cradled in your form

    In your arms I’m always safe and warm

    In your arms


    In your eyes I see a love so deep

    In your eyes a comfort and an ease

    In your eyes a promise meant to keep

    In your eyes


             I have been a thousand places in my time

             I have loved and lost and swallowed foolish pride

             I have walked and walked and finally found my stride

             I think I got it right this time

             I want to keep you by my side


    In your smile where words of love still lay

    In your smile, soft breezes, summer days

    In your smile I found a place to stay

    In your smile

  • 03:16 Lyrics Out On The Highway

    Out on the highway, let those city lights fade behind

    Taking the byways, open country starts to unwind

    Rollin’ through the farmland at night, everything’s all right

    Out on the highway, let the city slip into the night


    The moon is rising, climbing from the hilltops in the east

    Wide open driving, not another car as far as I can see

    Warm breezes tonight, everything’s all right

    Out on the highway, let the city slip into the night


             When I get around that bend

             I’ll get those memories once again

             I’ll remember when

             Out on the highway


    I know you’re waiting, hope I haven’t taken too long

    What a day it’s been, hard to see how this could be wrong

    Back home tonight, everything’s all right

    Out on the highway, let the city slip into the night.

  • 02:50 Lyrics Red Rag Top

    Red Rag Top rolling down the road

    Radio up, playing rock and roll

    All my cares blowing in the wind

    Red Rag Top on the road again


           Cruisin’, rollin’, on the road again

    Tires smokin’, flying in the wind

           Feel those horses start to come alive

           Revin’ it up on Saturday night


    Red Rag Top cruising down the lane

    Kicking up dust, running from the rain

    Straight into the sun never gonna stop

    Red Rag Top, show me what you’ve got


    Red Rag Top floating on the breeze

    Throw away the map, go any way you please

    Heading down the road, never coming back

    Red Rag Top on the road at last.

  • 03:32 Lyrics This Old Hat

    This old hat still keeps me dry, though the brim is bent and torn

    Keeps the sun out of my eyes, keeps the rain out in a storm

    I’ve worn it all my life, I’ll wear it to my grave

    How much longer it can hold the rain only time will say


    These old boots still fit my feet though the soles are thin and cracked

    All the miles that they’ve walked over rocky roads and back

    Would’ve been too far to go if they hadn’t fit so well

    How much longer ‘til they’re worn clear through only time will tell


       And the life that we’ve grown accustomed to

       Like the clothes we wear not fancy or new

       Made from threads spun from me and you

       Into fabric that our hearts are woven through


             And all the years we’ve spent together in this life we chose

    Fit like a hand in glove, like this old suit of clothes

             Threadbare, torn and tattered, too many holes to mend

             But we pull them from the closet and wear them once again


    This old shirt still keeps me warm though the buttons are all lost

    My elbows stick right through and the pocket’s been ripped off

    And the collar’s long since gone, only threads remain

    How it stays together anymore I really can’t explain


by Jim Hanna

Released 2012
Released 2012
This is my first venture into publishing music. A great deal of thanks needs to go to Alicia Healey for the arrangements, engineering, and production of these tunes.
  • 04:06 Download Lyrics Blue Cadillac

    Blue Cadillac in the rearview mirror, coming up fast and making it clear

    I’m in his lane, I’d better move, lights are flashing, he’ll be here soon

    Watch out he’s coming, he’s on his way, Blue Cadillac owns the road today


    Blue Cadillac is on my tail, his wings are out, he’s gonna sail

    On down the road, someplace to be, Blue Cadillac bearin’ down on me

    Watch out he’s coming, trying to pass, Blue Cadillac can’t keep his foot off the gas


    He toots his horn, he changes lanes, his tires squeal, his engine strains

    His hood is smokin’, he’s on a roll, Blue Cadillac owns the whole damn road


    Blue Cadillac pull up beside, I give him room and let him by

    Hear the radio blastin’ loud as can be, I glance over in disbelief

    The prettiest girl that I ever did see, behind the wheel and she’s smiling at me


    She toots her horn, she changes lanes, her tires squeal, her engine strains

    Her hood is smokin’, she’s on a roll, Blue Cadillac owns the whole damn road


    Foot to the floor, try to keep up, she shifts to third, her Caddy jumps

    Her tail lights fade, she’s just a spec, I pull on over so I don’t wreck

    I drive that road now, day and night, hoping that Cadillac comes into sight


             She toots her horn, she changes lanes, her tires squeal, her engine strains

             Her hood is smokin’, she’s on a roll, Blue Cadillac, back on the road

  • 03:35 Download Lyrics One Mind

    You and I are so entwined

    It’s like our thoughts come from one mind

    And everywhere I look I see 

    Your smiling face look back at me


    How did we end up this way

    It’s a mystery – I can not say

    All I know is it’s just fine

    That you and I are of one mind.


    So pull the cork out of that bottle, let life flow, drink from the cup

             Think of all the days to follow, wait and see where we end up


    You’ve stayed with me for all this time

    And still our thoughts come from one mind

    And every morning I still see

    Your smiling face look back at me


    How did we end up this way

    It’s still a mystery today

    But I still think that it’s just fine

    That you and I are of one mind.

  • 03:18 Download Lyrics Let the Pieces Lay

    You know it’ been a long, long time

    Since you’ve come around

    You know it’s such a long, long way

    To the other side of town

    From the other side of town


    Would you like to sit awhile

    Would you like to stay

    I’m so glad to see your smile

    I’m so glad that you dropped by today


    We go back a long, long way

    I can’t remember when

    I can’t recall a single day

    I didn’t call you friend

    You’ve always been my friend


    But you know it’s just like old times

    Just like yesterday

    We both know it’s best sometimes

    To let the pieces lay

    Just let the pieces lay

  • 03:06 Download Lyrics Patches

    Patches on Patches and knots in my laces

    Got no possessions but I’ve been lots of places

    Been down on my luck, been high as a kite

    I just keep moving ‘till I get it right


    I’ve never known anyone worries like you do

    Most thing you fear will come never will come true

    Take a step back and watch the world spin

    Life goes on easy if you know where you’ve been


                Patches on Patches and holes in my knees

                Old worn down shoes and a tear in my sleeve

                Everything I need is right here and now

                Patches on Patches is all I’ll allow


    Patches on Patches and knots in my laces

    I’ve been around and I’ve known smiling faces

    I’ve been around and I’ve done what I please

    With Patches on Patches and holes in my knees


    Patches on Patches and holes in my knees

                Old worn down shoes and a tear in my sleeve

                Nothing I need ever hides from me now

                Patches on Patches still find me somehow


                Old worn down shoes that still fit like a glove 

                Nothing I need save a good woman’s love


  • 02:53 Download Lyrics Bacon and Beans

    Tie your duster to the saddle, pull the cinch up real tight

    Set your boots in the stirrups, head out at first light

    You ain’t comin’ back ‘til the cattle are in

    Rope ‘em and brand ‘em, then do it again


             And it’s cornbread and coffee, bacon and beans

             You won’t see your darling except in your dreams

             Coals from the fire dance in the wind

             It’s cornbread and coffee and bacon again


    Riding the fences day after day

    Get them all mended to keep in the strays

    Set camp at last light where the cool water flows

    And think of your darling wherever she goes


    Your wouldn’t trade it for diamonds and pearls

    Or a night on the town with those sweet dance hall girls

    The night air, it drives you to go it alone

    ‘Til you dance with your darling when you get back home.


    Down on your bedroll pull your hat past your eyes

    And dream of your darling on through the night

  • 03:09 Download Lyrics The Same Thing Again

    The two of us set out down that dusty road

    Neither had a doubt which way we should go

    And we never once looked back and we gave it what we had

    And we never had a second thought about the life we led


    And it seems like a million miles passed beneath our feet

    And somehow through all that time we never skipped a beat

    I know one thing’s for certain, I know for sure, my friend

    If I were starting over I’d do the same thing again


    We headed through the doornearly on a run

    It didn’t take us long to realize what we’d done

    And we didn’t have the faintest clue where it all would end

    We didn’t need direction, it was an open road back then


    Now we’re growing older and settled in our ways

    Our traveling days are over and no longer do we stray

    We can sit and look back at the times we had back then

    And wonder if we had the chance would we do it all again

             How I wish that I could do the same thing again

  • 03:13 Download Lyrics When's It Gonna Be Love?

    When’s it gonna be love? Will I ever get to heaven?

    When will I stop feeling so doggone blue

    When’s it gonna be love? I can’t wait forever

    When can I come over and get next to you?


    Well, I just saw a boy and girl walking down the street

    Holding hands and smiling, you know they looked so sweet


    If I ever stop looking, something in me died, and you know that just won’t do

    Even when a pretty girl walks by, I can’t stop thinking about you


    If I ever stop looking, something in me died, and you know that just won’t do

    I get all wound up inside, when I stand next to you


    I’ve been waiting all my life to find someone like you

    Won’t you come along with me and dance away these blues


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