Jim Hanna

Currently from Maple Valley, WA, I have been performing for most of my life.  My first public performance was in 6th grade in the Norton Elementary School talent show with long time friends Greg and Morry.  After dabbling in music through high school and college, I found myself in Los Angeles and started attending an open mic at the Banjo Cafe in Santa Monica, where I met Gene Williams. Gene and I starting a band which lasted until I decided to move from LA to Seattle.  After several years with a young family and away from performing, I answered an add in a local paper for a bluegrass guitar player - even though I wasn't really a bluegrass player.  I have been playing with the band Ryegrass ever since and have had a great time (and still having a lot of fun) playing with my friends John Burke, Chip Diemond, Paul Michel and Steve Marx.  Several years ago I decided it was time to start writing my own music and have recently published my first collection of solo songs titled Patches.  The process of writing and recording is so much fun I plan on doing more.  I currently perform both with Ryegrass and as a solo artist.